Alexander Tomas and Associates Inc. (ATA Inc)

ATA Inc is a boutique consulting firm with proprietary technologies in the field of utility and HVAC analytics. Whether it is reducing utility billed charges or analyzing building HVAC operational data, ATA Inc has the experience and technology to achieve the tightest cost controls for our customer.

We challenge your organization to partner with us in your journey towards mitigating these ever-escalating expenses and preserving valuable capital.

Why ATA Inc?

ATA Inc is considered an expert audit firm in the industry, even delivering significant results in third party reviews and behind other consulting firms that failed to deliver for clients. ATA Inc’s integrated multi-layered approach consistently maximizes client results.

Of ATA Clients Realize Savings
of utility spend saved from error recovery and rate optimization
of utility spend reduced from fine-tuning building HVAC and properly diagnosing equipment

Data Can Be a Hidden Treasure

Over 70 percent of the 1.1. trillion utility payments processed lack billed usage and other fields that are required to properly audit charges or evaluate pricing. In fact, a proper system should incorporate not only key utility bill fields but also information on the site being metered and local weather data. From there, the process must have audit automation technologies, analytical reporting, experienced analysts and negotiators. It is a significant investment in people and technology, which can yield 5% to 20% in utility savings depending on the client. Even those organizations with the infrastructure and people can benefit from a third party clean sweep.

Beyond utility bills is the HVAC equipment data that tells the story behind the utility bills. From zone to equipment settings and down to equipment performance, all of these factors drive the utility bills. While some companies employ building automated controls for HVAC, they lack data trending and sophisticated analytics, so keeping on top of the data is near impossible. Yet, this area can yield 10% to 30% in savings when managed correctly.  

How ATA Inc Works

Budget or No Budget ... Let's Get Started

In Phase I, ATA Inc offers contingency pricing (percent of savings) solutions for utility bill audit, refund recovery and strategic price positioning. Phase I allows us to get to know and trust each other under a mutually beneficial business arrangement.

Building Fault Detection, HVAC Equipment Monitoring and Diagnostics

In Phase II, real-time HVAC monitoring and diagnostics is employed by leveraging building controls sensor data and/or installing IoT tracking and sensors on HVAC equipment. This phase saves energy, reduces labor costs, increases equipment life and has positive environmental impacts. .

Managed Monitoring

Continual capture of utility billing and real-time building or equipment data sets up the tightest cost controls that pay dividends into the future. Customers receive KPI reports, savings measurements and real-time alerts (Phase II only customers).

Greenpoint Monitoring Technologies

ATA’s Greenpoint technologies features both software and IoT devices that increase customer returns. We consider it our proprietary secret weapon for dissecting building data, interrogating field sites in utility bill audit cases and also for HVAC remote diagnostics and controls. These technologies set ATA apart from pack. 

Customer Benefits

With over 33 years experience in the industry and proprietary solutions that feature real-time cost-cutting capabilities, there is really only one company that benefits customers the most…and that is ATA! … Learn More


Our fee is based on what we hand you in the form of refunds or reductions in rates or monthly charges.


ATA is non-utility and non-supplier owned, so we keep your interest at the forefront of all recommendations


Real-time HVAC monitoring helps to eliminate painful equipment failures and surprise utility bill spikes that can often occur from building automation mishaps


Greenpoint diagnostics automates 80% of the HVAC maintenance checks and puts the customer in control of their valuable equipment


Newton County Government Outsources Utilities Oversight

Facing a budget shortfall, ATA is hired and Newton County ultimately ends the year with a surplus

Lloyd Retired in 2021 and We’ll Miss Him!  Great Visionary!

Mason Saunders

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Amelia Thomson


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7 Myths in the Utility and HVAC Industries

There are many preconceptions of what is truth or to be expected, which could not be furthest from reality: 

Utilities Place You on the Best Rate

When it comes to optimizing customer rates for them, utilities place the responsibility for selecting the best rate with the customer. Some utilities even employ national account teams doing rate optimization for key customers, yet they are not as experienced as the ATA staff and can overlook opportunities.

Utilities Don't Make Mistakes

Smart meters, new billing systems, regulatory rules, complex tariffs and computerized customer setups are all moving parts of a complex utility billing system. All of these systems rely on data to be setup data correctly, systems to be designed properly and technology to be installed flawlessly. Unfortunately, humans are flawed and mistakes happen.

Building Automation Ensures That Customers Are Operating Efficiently

Building automation is subject to setup errors, intermittent changes that can affect equipment operation, building equipment malfunction and the list goes on. When left unchecked, a misaligned system can cost customers 20% or more in energy spend.

HVAC Equipment Failure Is to be Expected

Air conditioning systems are designed with a life of 20 years in mind. A properly managed system with minimal interrogation by technicians can certainly meet those lifespan requirements. What kills systems is too much manual interrogation and no active system pulse being monitored.

Consultants Are the Same So We'll Just Shop Price

ATA has proven time and again to achieve significant savings in third party audits behind internal staff and also behind other consulting firms that had not met client's expectations.

Annual HVAC Maintenance Checks are the Best Approach in Protecting My Unit

Manual maintenance checks are wrought with mechanical procedural errors and diagnostic oversights, which commonly result in premature equipment failures. In fact, the less your unit is manually interrogated the fewer opportunities for technician errors in fouling refrigerant oil (commonly a compressor killer).

I am on a Specially Negotiated Rate So I am Optimized to the Fullest

Larger customers tend to fall prey to this thought process. ATA has successfully re-negotiated many real-time pricing and special pricing contracts. We have even seen some contracts that were being administered incorrectly by the vendor, so it pays to have experts review your situation periodically.